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Passport @ Mall PH


Looks like the Department of Foreign Affairs is looking for ways to improve their services. Passport processing at the mall. Great idea. With both the Gaisano and Robinsons groups taking part, that means that this won’t be just a Metro Manila-only offering.

Need passport? Go to the mall By Tina G. Santos Philippine Daily Inquirer […]

Green to brown: New passport arrived


Finally got my replacement passport last Friday. I’m all set till 2016.

Unlike the good old days of the plain green passport, which you turned in for renewal in the morning and then picked up in the afternoon after lunch, the new brown passport with embedded electronics takes weeks. The standard timetable, as per the […]

Voluntary evacuation of Filipinos from Libya


Its the Visacollector’s nightmare: having your host country fall apart around you. Today, that country is Libya — a country to which I have never been, situated in a region that remains on my long list of unvisited places.

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This north African trouble-spot has become the latest Arab nation to experience the […]

Philippine Consulate: San Francisco, CA


The Philippine consulate consulate in San Francisco CA is a pleasant place to renew travel papers, certify documents, and other similar transactions. It’s is neat and organized. The consulate occupies space at the Philippine Center along Sutter St. within which a variety of establishments address a variety of Filipino concerns, from travel to sending money […]

MECO: Pinoy “embassy” in Taiwan


Manila Economic Cooperation Office (MECO) stands in as the Philippine embassy in Taiwan. It can be found on the 4th floor of a building with a Metrobank branch, on the corner of Tun Hwa N Rd. and Chung Hsiao East Rd Section 4. Here, you can renew your passport and send money home all in […]

Philippine Embassy: Vatican


This was one of many surprises in our trip to Italy this year: The Philippine embassy to the Vatican. Its situated where a lot of organized Vatican tours start (at least the ones organized by Trafalgar), so you can’t miss it.