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Light, shade, and temperature


In February of last year, a good friend stayed at our apartment for a long weekend. On his second day, I took him to a Filipino restaurant in San Mateo for brunch. We arrived early, so the place, called Kuya’s, hadn’t opened yet.

As we waited outside the establishment, I noticed how my guest started to […]

Snow at sea-level in the Bay Area?


After having travelled far and wide to experience snow, looks like there’s a 50-50 chance that it will actually snow in the Bay Area itself. No travelling up winding roads to the mountains. We’re talking snow in the low-lands.

As per the San Jose Mercury News (see here), an Alaskan cold front due to arrive […]

4th season encounters: A surreal walk to work


I travel a lot for work, and my company has a fair number of offices in cities that receive their share of snow. So it was really only a matter of time before I was sent to a snow-bound office.

One of the projects to which I am assigned is based in Kanata, Canada — […]

Encounters with the fourth season


What blog about Filipinos living abroad would be complete without a post about winter? With December upon us . . . it is time.

I have a friend at work, a Canadian-Armenian, who had seen one too many winters and maintains romanticized notions about the tropics and palm trees. In a classic example of […]