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Tu Mero Mole @ Sunnyvale


One of the great disappointments of my trip to Mexico City last year was that I was never able to taste authentic Mole. The first time I tasted Mole was in California, and it tasted like pureed rust with vinegar. It was awful. The meals that my Mexican co-workers had me try during my stay […]

Ling Nam Noodle House (South San Francisco)


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You can find good and bad restaurants in any city or country. At times its not so much about how to avoid them, but rather about how you manage expectations. For Bay Area residents thinking of going to the Philippines, and who want to prepare themselves […]

Boiling Crab


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Would you bother going to a restaurant where you have to wait for three hours for a table, receive your food in a plastic bag that’s served in a bucket, and then eat a messy meal with your hands? For the easily dozens, if not hundreds, of […]

Rene Rose Island Cuisine


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This is Clarita’s Filipino Cuisine . . . with better ambiance.

The must haves are all there: Inihaw na (grilled) Pork, Pork Adobo, Beef steak, Lechon Kawali (deep fried pork) and Bangus. From a pure flavor standpoint the average Pinoy palette would be happy with […]

Hard times for a favorite resto


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This used to be one of our favorite Italian restaurants. From a purely flavor point of view it still is.

When seeking to preserve profit margins while maintaining the same menu, there are arguably only two ways to go: sacrifice quality, or reduce portion size. This […]

Clarita’s Filipino Cuisine


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Clarita’s is a Filipino’s Filipino restaurant. A place that Filipinos themselves frequent.

It’s not much to look at. But for a first-generation Filipino immigrant, it’s just what you look for because it’s reminiscent of the kinds of restaurants that you frequented when you were still […]

House of Kabobs


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It wasn’t the first Persian/Iranian restaurant to which I went; that title goes to Chellokabbabi in Sunnyvale. It’s not the fanciest either; those adjectives go to Arya in Cupertino and another place in Campbell, whose name I’ve forgotten. But House of […]

A Taiwanese question about Jollibee in the US


Late last year, a friend from our Taipei office emailed me a question about Jollibee. He was working on his MBA and for some reason, he was working on a case study that involved this Filipino food chain. He asked about its popularity on the US west coast, if their target market was more Filipino […]

Throwdowns, Drive-ins, Diners, & Dives


My wife and I like to travel, and we love food. Naturally, this has an effect on our TV entertainment choices and the Food Network was very welcome discovery when we moved to California six years ago.

Food Network shows, in general, score high in the “food” department. But shows that blend food with travel […]