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Need flexibility? Get your name on two flights


I had always thought that the standby list was primarily for folks who didn’t hear their alarm clocks in the morning and missed their flights. A symptom of travel plans gone terribly wrong. That was, apparently, an unfairly dismissive generalization.

On a recent trip to Dallas TX, I booked my return flight to San Francisco […]

Why you shouldn’t use cellphones on planes


The following ABC News reports provides some insight into the rationale behind those warnings about cellphone usage during take off and landing. They are, reportedly, more of a concern on older aircraft that lack specialized shielding.

Phones as boarding passes


My wife and I flew to my nephew’s wedding in New Jersey last month. While processing our online check-in, she noticed the mobile boarding pass option. Keen to try new things, she signed us up for it. I was new to this pass, and hadn’t read up on them by the time we got to the […]



On a recent flight to Germany, I discovered the following interesting gem that would have been cool to have on other flights: a USB power outlet at each passenger seat. This was on a US Airways flight from Philadelphia, US to Munich, Germany.

Interesting how they had these on an international flight, which had a […]