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2011 crop: Petals drop


The petals have fallen, and the fruits are now visible. Still too early to celebrate, but things are looking good for this year’s barbecue.

2011: Incoming crop


The first flowers for 2011 have opened. Looking forward to the summer harvest. The recent rains have been good for “Mansi”.

Kalamansi Chronicles: Dawn harvest

The barbecue opportunity I’d been waiting for ever since we got the Kalamansi plant finally came up: Christmas 2010. We were putting together a party at a friend’s place and my pork BBQ dish was requested. Ideally, the pork should have been marinaded a couple of days ahead of time. But I had just come back from a looooong two week trip involving three time zones, so my body clock was just totally out of whack. […]

Kalamansi Chronicles: First harvest


Finally twisted off my first two fruits today. I wanted to add a little more zing to my soy sauce marinade, and felt that the two lemons I already had in there needed help.

First of two The stem

It picked them tad bit young, but you couldn’t tell from the citrusy-aroma that came out […]

Kalamansi Chronicles: Growth


Kalamansi Chronicles: Moving on from flowers


The last flowers fell days ago, and fruits have taken their place. Now the race is on for the fruits to ripen before summer runs out. Looking forward to late summer/early autumn barbecues that won’t need lemons as Kalamansi substitutes.