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Some travelers can buy a ticket to a place to which they’ve never been, arrive with little more than a couple of changes in clothing in a small backpack, and the figure out what to do once they get there while at a bar chatting up the locals. I’m not one of those folks. I need a little advanced planning for my sanity. Plus as a visa-collector, I need to do my homework before I go anywhere.

Over the years, I’ve referenced a number of travel books, and watched a fair number of travel shows, to figure out my travel plans. In this section of the blog, I’d like to share a number of books that have worked pretty well for me.

I will endeavor to review each book, and categorize these reviews under the Book Review category. Note that since new versions of these books may be published on an almost yearly basis, my reviews may be for older versions.

The bookstore also has other items that I’m interested in, to include some of my favorite TV shows. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


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