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TravelYear 2014


The year 2014 was my busiest travel season ever. Time away from home resulted in some nice status-levels with my rewards program accounts.

Here is a summary of how the year turned out. More blog posts about each place will be coming soon.

Cruising for work

Dates: 1/9 to 1/12 = 5 days

The year opened with a […]

Need flexibility? Get your name on two flights


I had always thought that the standby list was primarily for folks who didn’t hear their alarm clocks in the morning and missed their flights. A symptom of travel plans gone terribly wrong. That was, apparently, an unfairly dismissive generalization.

On a recent trip to Dallas TX, I booked my return flight to San Francisco […]

2013: The year for tracking Philippine-made goods


For reasons best kept out of a light-hearted blog, I’ve gotten into the habit of finding out the countries of origin of the items that I buy. As this flip-the-product-read-the-label exercise went on, it started getting a little depressing. Scented candles from India. Shirts from Guatemala. Furniture from Vietnam. There were products from everywhere else […]

Fleet Week @ SF 2012


Airshows are one of the many fun things about our stay in the US thus far. One particular display of military hardware that we frequent is the San Francisco Fleet Week. I’ve been going to this event annually since 2005, with the exception of two years were business trips got in the way. In previous […]

The birds of San Francisco


There is a small park beside the Embarcadero Center, on the corner of Clay and Drumm Sts., that the casual bird-watcher in me wants to visit whenever I can. The cluster of trees there hosts a sizable population of green parrots that have made the city their home. Presumably this is part of the flock […]

Where did the time go?


My DMV sticker came today. Can you believe we’re half way through 2013 already?

Light, shade, and temperature


In February of last year, a good friend stayed at our apartment for a long weekend. On his second day, I took him to a Filipino restaurant in San Mateo for brunch. We arrived early, so the place, called Kuya’s, hadn’t opened yet.

As we waited outside the establishment, I noticed how my guest started to […]

2012 A.D.


My wife and I welcomed the new year in San Francisco. We booked a room at the Hyatt Regency, had dinner at E&O Trading Co., and proceeded to the Sinbad Restaurant parking lot to watch the city’s fireworks show. The show actually lasted 15 minutes, but I only took 3 minutes of it so that […]

Bike pump: Topeak Road Morph


My wife and I were supposed to go out for a bike ride today. But as I retrieved the bikes from our rack, it became apparent that our tires needed re-inflation. We didn’t have a tire pump ever since our car got broken into (more on that story on another post) and our air compressor […]

US green card holders and Canadian visas


While processing my visa for a business trip to our Canadian office, I was directed to the following interesting factoid:

Visas and Immigration

Q. I am a US permanent resident and I hold another country’s valid passport. Do I need a visa to go to Canada?

A. As a US permanent resident (green card […]