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2013: The year for tracking Philippine-made goods

Posted by VisaC on January 2, 2013 at 9:06 am

For reasons best kept out of a light-hearted blog, I’ve gotten into the habit of finding out the countries of origin of the items that I buy. As this flip-the-product-read-the-label exercise went on, it started getting a little depressing. Scented candles from India. Shirts from Guatemala. Furniture from Vietnam. There were products from everywhere else except the Philippines.

Filipino goods are readily available at specifically-Filipino or Asian stores. But products of other nations were present everywhere. Have we really stopped producing goods that are worth exporting? Was this because these other countries simply marketed their wares better? Or was it because immigrants from these countries demanded access to their goods?

There really isn’t much ordinary folks can do about production. Demand, however, was another matter.

So for this year, partly to get over export-envy, and partly to do my part to drum up awareness and interest, a portion of this blog will be devoted to Filipino-goods that I find in my travels. I’ll take a photo, note where it was sold, and when. I created an album for this on my Facebook account — which is great for location-sharing — but haven’t quite worked out how to tie it in with the blog just yet. More on that later.

It’s the time for New Year’s resolutions . . . might as well add this to that list.¬†Happy New Year everyone.

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