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Philippine Consulate: San Francisco, CA


The Philippine consulate consulate in San Francisco CA is a pleasant place to renew travel papers, certify documents, and other similar transactions. It’s is neat and organized. The consulate occupies space at the Philippine Center along Sutter St. within which a variety of establishments address a variety of Filipino concerns, from travel to sending money home. A nice one-stop-shop. The consulate is on the 6th floor.

Unlike other embassies, which can be found in the hilly residential parts of the city, the Philippine Consulate is situated in a commercial area. Street parking, therefore is a valid option, but more often than not is unavailable. Embassy staff recommend the following parking lots listed in the picture on the left.

Personally, I favor the Sutter-Stockton Garage. Its within a stone’s throw from the Philippine Center and is not claustrophobic.

Each time we visit this consulate, which is typically a year or so apart, we always notice improvements to their service offerings. We processed my wife’s passport extension (more about why on another post) yesterday, and changes were readily apparent. The following sign greets when you step out of the elevator.

These weren’t there the other year. The overall layout had changed, and there were more desks for various consulate services, from passport renewal to processing of notarized documents.

Convenience was a focal point of many improvements. There is now an ATM in the waiting room, which particularly useful given that they neither accept personal checks nor credit/debit cards for their services. For those who neglect to bring copies of key documents, citizens can avail of a self-service photocopier for $0.25 per copy. This used to be situated at a rather odd location outside the main waiting area. These days these machine are now situated in the waiting area.

Now that my wife’s passport renewal has been processed, I probably won’t be back till I apply for an ePassport next year. Looking forward to next year’s surprises.

To the folks at the San Francisco Consulate: “Keep up the good work”.

Feb 9, 2011

MECO: Pinoy “embassy” in Taiwan


Manila Economic Cooperation Office (MECO) stands in as the Philippine embassy in Taiwan. It can be found on the 4th floor of a building with a Metrobank branch, on the corner of Tun Hwa N Rd. and Chung Hsiao East Rd Section 4. Here, you can renew your passport and send money home all in one trip.

Sep 21, 2010

Philippine Embassy: Vatican


This was one of many surprises in our trip to Italy this year: The Philippine embassy to the Vatican. Its situated where a lot of organized Vatican tours start (at least the ones organized by Trafalgar), so you can’t miss it.

Jun 20, 2010