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Hard times for a favorite resto

Posted by admin on August 15, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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This used to be one of our favorite Italian restaurants. From a purely flavor point of view it still is.

When seeking to preserve profit margins while maintaining the same menu, there are arguably only two ways to go: sacrifice quality, or reduce portion size. This place went the latter route.

While our favorites were as good as ever, the quantity given the price was just absurd. The original servings had always been just right. We’re not large eaters, so their portions were always great. Now, they are half what they were.

My wife still can’t get over the bread that’s typically given as an appetizer. They were the size of over-sized croutons, and served directly in the basket, without a napkin or anything.

That being said, their seafood pasta is as fantastic as ever. But spending upwards of $20 for a meal that requires you to go to another restaurant to make sure you don’t wake up hungry later . . .

I know that pricey restaurants aren’t a place to gorge. But we’ve been to three-figure restaurants, with the infamous small main course portions, but taken as a whole — from appetizer to dessert — you do leave satisfied. Satisfaction was truly missing this time.

This resto is definitely experiencing problems. It even appears to be in the midst of a name change. I hope they recover. But the rip off the other night will keep us away for a while.

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